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Our Team

Meet some of our friendly and helpful team:

Neville and Esther, with their son Aaron, are the owners of the Aaron Beach Resort.NevilleAaronAndEster_1200_900_resized
Andrew is our Gate Man who greets all of our customers – his nick name is Mr Smiley!Andrew_Aaron Beach Resort_960_720_resized  
Yoyon’s special job is to look after all of our customers’ needs.

Yoyon_Aaron Beach Resort_960_720_resized

Indi and Danny are our amazing local cooks – yum yum!

IndiAndDanny_Aaron Beach Resort_resized

Andrew, with Renyboy, who is our Resort Manager who lives on site.

AndrewAndRenyboy_Aaron Beach Resort_960_720_resized

The Boat Men of Oslob, who service the Aaron Beach Resort.

BoatMen_Aaron Beach Resort_960_720_resized

Addie is the manager of our General Store.

Addie_Aaron Beach Resort_720_540_resized

You will meet Karen in our Souvenir Shop.


Jesse, Batoy and Ondo will arrange your accommodation booking, and advise and organise tours to suit your needs.

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